Well of Words

Word. Another. Joined between a feeling, a memory, a sense. Let it flow from within to sentences. Simple, sensible and truly something original. Written emotions on paper: a poem.

A Poem

Flashing by moment
a sense, feeling
that never comes
not to anyone
not to me
ever again

I grab to that glimpse
squeezing the sense
through feelings
eyes closed
forgotten in me
I hold back

and I let go
to paper

The Poet In Me

Nice to see you here!

This is where my feelings and thoughts many times end up. More than twenty years ago I scribbled my first poems as 14 year old boy that was dreaming about being published author and poet.

Well, as usual, the poems never were sent to publisher and learning process was considered too hard - might have been different if there would have been internet then.

So I wrote occasionally less and less until last year when I decided to start writing for real since I had extra time. Started a blog and build some confidence. Finding All Poetry poetry society really made difference; more fellow poets and for the first time critique. And chance to read lots of good poetry

Now I am serious on writing and aim to improve to the lengths to make it for real. I am going to be published since I have a poet inside me and I intend to unleash it

maanantai 26. maaliskuuta 2018

Silence In Me

At night
on the porch
the hovering of thin air's
crisp touch on my skin

my eyes
light twinkle stars
and the space inside me
bathe in soothing silence
I breathe out the universe
and inhale deep

Why On Earth

Why on Earth

the deceit
on our grandchildren
fabricated ways of
thinking it's easier if we pretend

smoke on the horizon
smells bitter, far from sweet

levels of carbon dioxide 1969 in atmosphere 330ppm
standard of living by gross world product 12 000 billion dollars
population 3, 616, 108, 749 leaves 3 318 dollars per capita

child and the candy char, only given one
char and the child with adult gone out of the building

instead of hitting
we slaughter our children

how on Earth

lake can vanish in the mind of a child
and in the eyes closed by adult
bubble bath bay no child would ever go
no adult has seen
stings the stink of chemicals
trees awe and weep
waters move in shivering agony

level of carbon dioxide 1989 in atmosphere 358ppm
as man made march of money goes on
standard of living by gross world product 26 500 billion dollars
population 5, 230, 452, 409  leaves 5 066 dollars per capita

the obesity of greed
once considered a cardinal sin(s)
where to put the stuff we buy and buy and
buy...and have to buy a bigger house

impatience of a child seem infectious to adults
building up money based careers upon the
principalities of lust for more

land of ice is land of ice
never change, the glaciers, only melt
in children's mind
dreamful role plays of queens of ice
and behind back
turned by

car tends to provide you with overwhelming heat when
one turns off air conditioning on sunny day
when windows are closed -
this planet is a car

how on Earth

is it so hard to see even if eyes closed
feel the heat
in the car

level of carbon dioxide 2009 in the atmosphere  390ppm
lot is only a lot in comparison to what
we had, greed is always more and
plenty will turn into too few
standard of living by gross world product 58 500 billion dollars
population 6, 834, 721, 933 leaves
8 559 dollars per capita

deserts are flooding, expansionists
forests are falling, down
and burning
erosion, hurricanes, massive raining, too hot, too cold, typhoons, flooding, snow not falling, ice is melting, cities polluted, heatwaves, cars, coal plants, unnecessary things we buy and buy and buy and throw away, non-recycling behavior, deeds we do in everyday life, the politicians we elect, shame on else    not, shame on ourselves, country by city by block by house by people, it is the individual choice we make every day

normally when one hears sirens
the help is on its way

past times ruined land saw rats 
leaving the sinking ship
rats find there way
to survive any maze
the caged one

even a child can understand sirens
mean trouble and
need to fulfill the aid forsooth

adults are touching the air
between the bars

even blind man can feel them
the cold

amounts of carbon dioxide in future rises, more people inhabit
the still beautiful planet, we'll get richer the more and richer some more
the standard of living
not by dollars
as we toss the place in flames and
tell the sirens to take it easy

how on Earth

Snail ride

Caught by the eye
on knees I fall

carrying household on
its back, antennas wink tardily

gazing its slimy ride
hour goes slow
but thrillingly we
did cover
a yard

Life Sentence

I sit on my bed
emptiness staring at me
thoughts possess me, controlling
all of my body

it hit me like nature hits people
when it feels like showing off,
but inside me,
like a gigantic hailstorm out of nowhere
ripping up all your defenses in seconds
and giving your umbrella
a time of its life,

death inside this

fate, deeper meaning, universal causality?
I need no prosecution
I plead guilty

what is my sentence
that's all I long to know
for what it's worth I am condemned
for life

after that I have a dream of letting go
enjoy for goodness in life
in tiniest things
and bring my death home
request is to spread it to the sea on windy day
in the place I was happy
a long time gone

One In One

The one speaking strange languages
of some I know, other, who knows
discussion, hollers, suggestions
my friend, sometimes,
a foe

the one I love
and have enormous
respect, one, and another
a moment, repulsion

I tend to raise the stakes
and the one sweeps the whole table
get along, hang along not go together at all

once or twice we've gone our separate ways
but gossamer glues and elastic is
bouncing ball straight back
from the wall

mornings hate and thunder dizzy under haze
the one stares and mirrors but
nowadays I turn my back
lovingly yet


If only I could traverse
always back
to that

Stabbed In The Back

The powder,
jealousy of
the worst coming from
the heist

to use her grandest asset
her own palest shine
stabbed with,